Thursday, February 15, 2018

Swimming Lessons with Find Your Field of Dreams

Swimming Lessons with Find Your Field of Dreams

This year, Find Your Field of Dreams are sponsoring swimming lessons for our students again. Lessons started this week, and we’re excited to have this opportunity for our students to have lessons with professional swimming instructors.

This was Room 15’s first lesson. They enjoyed learning new skills and developing their water confidence!

'Find Your Field of Dreams' Swimming by Room 9

We walked quickly to Boys' High today (Thursday), to test our swimming skills. We got in, in groups of 5 and showed our best free-style to the other end of the pool. 
I saw lots of splashing. It reminded me of having free time in the Boys' High pool.
We floated like a star fish on our back. Our instructors are Robyn, Amber and Brady. 
Sam felt nervous like someone who was on stage because everyone watched me do freestyle. Fabian felt unconfident because he wasn't sure about floating on his back. He kept falling back down. Raedence felt nervous waiting to get in because the pool was really deep and cold. Hodan felt excited because she wants to learn how to swim.
We will all bring our togs on Thursday so we can go again.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Cooperative Games with Jono (Project Energize)

During week 2 we were lucky enough to have Jono from Project Energize join us for some cooperative games.

We played many different games where we had to work as a team like passing a hula hoop around our linked arms, rob the nest (or goodies and baddies!), and a new game of Paper, Scissors, Rock.

Thanks Jono for another awesome session!

Photos of Tōtara 19

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Welcome to 2018

There will be lots of exciting things happening in our school this year related to sports.

To begin the year we have daily swimming. Please send children with named togs and towels everyday.

Early in the term we have Cricket teams and a one off touch tournament. Please encourage your children to sign up for sports they are keen on.

At the family picnic there will be an information sheet on all the sports available at Hamilton East School and approximate costs.

We look forward to having your children involved in the many sports we have on offer and having you support us with those so they can continue.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Hamilton East Kauri Crew - Jump Jam Team

Huffing and puffing, very enjoyable and tons of fun. Until things started to get serious, and intense.
Miss Rasmussen started to put us into small groups, she wanted to know our names and what class we were in. Now we really started to feel the pressure!
We got called to go to her class, suddenly she announced the team, and some people were very lucky to get in. Most people thought it was hard, but that was nothing compared to the training!
The song started...
“Eye contact, strong arms, Keep in time with the music!”
“Now I have tried putting in a chant somewhere and it goes like this... H.E.S. Hamilton East, H.E.S Hamilton, and then it goes straight into I got bills, okay now everyone try.’’ Also it was hilarious watching her do the actions. We did this over and over till everyone got it right
“Yes the day everyone was looking forward to has finally come.” As we were practising Brett Fairweather suddenly walks in through the door. It was so magnificent and awesome. We all felt very lucky for him to be teaching us!

Watching the team before us nervously. Extremely excited but frightened. We take a deep breath, wished each other the best of luck…
Suddenly  a voice out of nowhere says “can we please welcome the Hamilton East Kauri crew.”
Okay, take one last gigantic deep breath  put a smile on our faces and walked on ready and proud!

By Indyana

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